Cudafy is provided with dual licenses: LGPL and Commercial. The LGPL version is targeted towards academic and research use. You can freely link to the Cudafy libraries from any application. If you wish to derive from Cudafy or embed it within your own application or library (i.e. not distribute the DLLs) then you must either provide the source code to your application or purchase a commercial license.

Free Independent Business Premium
Price per Developer €0 €99 €399 €599
Renewal Fee €0 €89 €299 €499
License LGPL Commercial Basic Commercial Commercial
Usage LGPL Per Developer Per Developer Per Developer
Config Tool
CUDA Targets
OpenCL Targets1
Linux Library2
NuGet Package3
CUDA FFT Library5
CUDA RAND Library5
CUDA BLAS Library5
Forum Support
Dynamic Parallelism4
Example Projects        
Exempt from LGPL need to submit code changes
Embed source in your app
Embed DLL in your app
Harmony Through Education Donation6
Email Support
Hot Fixes
Beta Releases
Consultancy Hours Per Year 1 3


  • CUDAfy User Manual (pdf)
  • On-line API documentation
  • Tutorials
  • Alternative download and support site



 1. Due to diversity of OpenCL devices support for OpenCL is supplied “as is”.
 2. The Linux version of CUDAfy is supplied “as is”.
 3. Windows only.
 4. Requires CUDA compute capability 3.5 or higher device. No support for OpenCL.
 5. Maths libraries not extensively tested on Linux. No support for OpenCL.
 6. Harmony Through Education is a small charity helping handicapped children in the third world. Stigma and poor resources mean their plight is even harder than for handicapped in developed countries. A donation of 10% is made for every license purchased.