Welcome Hybrid DSP

We’re a global programmatic forum which utilizes state of the art algorithms & innovative
software engineering to improve functionality & quality of service.


We’re a consultancy that prides itself for being assertive and highly professional providing all manner of equipment or software required to assess high-speed digital acquisition and processing using FPGA and GPUs.

Our Aim

We aim to provide the best data processing solutions and services to companies and institutions of all types seeking aid. We have been in the field for a long time and from experience tend to cater to the vast majority of R&D groups system integrators electronic support and manufacturers. We are already familiar with the trend patterns that arise to evaluate traffic and demand of what we are asked to campaign for. Our ultimate aim is to extend our services far and beyond they have ever reached before.

What We Do


Our focus surrounds the market’s prime buyers and investors. We are more than just capable of providing services but maintaining a competition margin in the electronics world as well.


We equip our specialists with tools of insight which allows them to evaluate the set parameters needed for a functional and effective building of data slicing and traffic prediction.


This allows us to provide our customers with far more custom made solutions.


Our services range from data analysis market management advertisement campaigning to setting up modules such as chassis designs software incorporation hardware design & FPGA processing boards.


We set a time boundary for this evaluation and foresee the meta-market sections. As soon as a program goes into the production stage a more accurate & optimized standard for the FPGA board and GPUs are set.


This lets us obtain contracts ensure trust and create a flexible within the budget program.

Work Ethics

We emphasize on strict moral and work ethics when carrying our contracts.
These include some of the following aspects:

Our entire planning and marketing teams work transparently alongside without clients.

We are experienced in said domains while setting ourselves off on a new domain & we make it known clearly what lies within our areas of expertise & what does not.

We maintain a proven set of extensively tested FPGA boards to make sure the least amount of customizations are needed.

We understand and maintain an assertive attitude towards our clients and deliver on time.

We provide a business deal summary containing fine details of the proposal to be approved by the clients before initiating production.

We ensure IP protection and an escrow for our clients.

We ensure product quality agreed upon and do not compromise on this aspect.