Our Products

Hybrid DSP is a global forum that provides its users with new and improved software engineered products that help improve companies and customers improve their functionality and provide top quality service. We offer products such as:

  • CudafyNet,
  • NVIDIA GPU Direck SDK,
  • 4dsp
  • Bittware data acquisition
  • Processing modules

We provide the latest and most professional equipment in the market. Our content for the product page of Hybrid DSP will help you get up to speed on all our products.



The benefit of the CudafyNet is that it is easy to use software that targets Linux. It is a .NET wrapper that brings other types of programming models to the world of .NET users. The best part about this is that old users, who have used the old CUDA runtime, will easily be able to pick up on the new CUDAfy in no time. Apart from that, you can now also run the CUDAfy network on your windows and Linux.


A few downsides to the CudafyNet is that it only focuses on the NVIDIA GPUs. This is where OpenCL seems like a better option because it supports both NVIDIA GPUs and GPU, but since it is still on an older version, it loses its charms. CUDA is better because it is more advanced. Since CUDAfy is the latest version, we can overcome its weaknesses, the wrapper can be used complemented by some extra restrictions, and it can then measure up to OpenCL.

You can use OpenCL or CUDA to get the following:

  • Accessing thread
  • Block and grid id
  • Dimensions
  • Launch parameters
  • Constant and global memory
  • Host interface

Here is what you will need to run the CUDAfy

You can use the following:

  • AMD GPUs,
  • Intel CPU/GPUs,
  • FPGA cards from BittWare and Nallatech

If you have the following drivers installed, then you can run the OpenCries installed, and you will need Mono installed on Linux. For all our developer clients, an up to date CUDA is required or an Open CL If you are interested in for developing, you will need the relevant CUDA or OpenCL.

Our products are the best for data analysis, market management, advertisement campaigning. They are used for setting up modules such as:

  • Chassis designs
  • Software incorporation
  • Hardware design
  • FPGA processing boards

Using the following drivers and products, our highly skilled specialists can set up parameters for our clients according to their preferences. They can judge what parameters are best needed for effective functioning and traffic prediction. You can contact us, and we can set an appointment for a future evaluation. Once our specialists begin their work, the production stage can help analyze the optimized standard for the FPGA board and GPUs. Our services also extend to a more customized approach. Once we have an optimized standard form your production stage, we can establish the customizing options that best fit your preference. Contact us to get started! We can ensure you the best quality service and product range.