Privacy Policy

Hybrid DSP has a commitment to protecting the privacy of our website users. The information we collect is only used lawfully in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Hybrid DSP Systems is a processing equipment reseller that provides all manner of software/ equipment required to do high-speed digital acquisition and processing using FPGA and GPUs. This privacy policy page describes the practices of Hybrid DSP Systems concerning the information we collect from our website users, including data usage, sharing, and storage. The purpose privacy policy statement is to explain to users about the information we collect from them, how the data is processed and stored, and how it is shared and used.

Content for the privacy policy page of Hybrid DSP

Types of information we collect

When visitors are on our site, we may collect two types of information, personal and non-personal information. With non-personal information, we do not know the identity of the site user from which this information was collected. Non-personal information may include any unhidden information about a user when they are using our services. Hybrid DSP may collect non-personal information from site users like device information such as the type of device, operating system, browser type, approximate geolocation, and activity of the site user. Personal information is the second type of information we may collect from site users.

This includes information like your name, telephone number, email address, which you submit voluntarily while contacting us; or IP (Internet Protocol) address which may be considered as personal information in some jurisdiction. Note that we do not use such information to try and determine your identity. The information we collect from you is used for lawful basis such as improving your experience while on our website so that you have an efficient and more pleasant experience. We may use your information to improve site performance like website speed.

How we use and process data

The data we collect from our site visitors will be processed so as to improve the performance of this website. If we collect personal information such as your email address and phone number, we will use it only to respond to your inquiries when you contact us. We collect information from you such as your IP address or identifiers using cookies or other technologies. This information helps us improve, manage, protect, customize and maintain our services and website. Your information may be used to track website traffic and show usage statistics.

How we share and store your information

Hybrid DSP will not share your information with third parties unless in the following circumstances. We will share your information with another firm if you authorize it to be disclosed. In the case of compelled disclosure, we may share your information so that we may comply with applicable law or regulation. User information may also need to be shared for technical issues or to prevent fraud. The information we collect from users will be stored only for a specific period to fulfill specific purposes. All our site users have a right to view the information we collect from them and request your personal information to be deleted.