Hybrid DSP provide high end data acquisition and processing modules from 4DSP and BittWare.  These products are available individually within Europe or worldwide as part of systems.  We work closely with our customers whether they are in the market for


NVIDIA GPUDirect allows higher bandwidth and lower latency between NVIDIA GPUs and third party PCI-Express cards such as network adapters, frame grabbers and FPGA modules.  We’ve implemented GPUDirect for 4DSP’s FPGA cards.  These FPGA cards can be equipped with a wide

ESA FFTC Fast Fourier Transform Chip SDK

Overview The SDK is a set of programmers’ libraries and applications for assisting in the development of algorithms for products based on the ESA FFTC space qualified processor. Currently the FTAB board developed by Astrium and the OPDP board from


CUDAfy is a set of libraries and tools that permit general purpose programming of NVIDIA CUDA Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and OpenCL Devices (GPUs, CPUs and FPGAs) completely from within the Microsoft .NET framework.  The aim is to create the