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Company and People

Hybrid DSP Systems is an innovative software engineering consultancy and data acquisition and processing equipment reseller.  We have been active since 2005 and provide solutions and services to R&D groups, electronics manufacturers and system integrators as well as supplying specialist programming support.

Nicholas Kopp, Director
Has been designing and developing .NET software since 2003 with a strong interest in the area of high performance data acquisition systems in which he has a number of patents.  Nick has a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Abertay Dundee.

Mark Swaanenburg, Technical Director
Mark is lead developer specialising in driver development, low level optimization of code, Linux/Mono and native-managed interop.  He has ten years of experience with C++ and C#.

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Hybrid DSP are pleased to be able to support Harmony Through Education – a charity that teaches special needs children in the third world. This education enables the children to rise above the confines of their isolation, develop self-esteem and employable skills, and become a source of pride for their families and communities

If you are using CUDAfy and it has helped you in your research or in your work or you simply found it entertaining then please consider making a donation. There is more about Harmony on our website here.